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  1. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 281
    Nicht irisch, nicht neu - aber schottisch und gut
    'The Incredible String Band'
    und vor allem: 50 Jahre sind ein Grund sich zu erinnern!

    Geschichte und Discography auf Wikipedia

    The Incredible String Band - Everything's Fine Right Now (1970)
    (Das Lied zum 3. November!)

    The Incredible String Band - Empty Pocket Blues (Live 1970)


  2. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 282
    Kürzlich erschienen .... und sehr empfehlenswert
    Neues (altes) von Christy Moore

    Christy Moore - The Early Years 1969-81

    Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	Christy-300x300.jpg 
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Größe:	33,6 KB 
ID:	41738

    “This Early Years project has uncovered songs and recordings long since forgotten. Some tracks are rough and ready just as my life was back then, most bring back good memories of nights long gone, of songs long since sung. I am happy that these early works have been remastered, given a fresh context and a new lease of life. Thanks for listening”.
    Christy Moore, Dublin, August 2020
    Track List
    01. Home By Bearna
    02. Lanigan’s Ball
    03. Limerick Rake
    04. Johnny Jump Up
    05. Tippin’ It Up To Nancy
    06. Rambling Robin (Remastered 2020)
    07. Little Musgrave
    08. Nancy Spain
    09. Wave Up To The Shore
    10. What Put The Blood
    11. John O’Dreams (Live At Adare Manor, 1981, RTÉ)
    12. Trip To Jerusalem (Live At Adare Manor, 1981, RTÉ)
    13. Sacco & Vanzetti
    14. 1913 Massacre (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
    15. The Ballad Of Tim Evans (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
    16. The Pages That I Read Make Me Sadder (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
    17. I Wish I Was In England (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
    18. Joe McCann (Remastered 2020)
    19. Hey Sandy (Live In Dublin _ Remastered 2020)
    20. The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man (Live In Dublin _ Remastered 2020)
    21. The Cliffs Of Dooneen (Remastered 2020)
    22. One Last Cold Kiss_Trip To Roscoff
    23. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy; Tabhair Dom Do Lámh (Remastered 2020)
    24. The Moving-On-Song (Go! Move! Shift!)
    25. Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair (Live In Dublin _ Remastered 2020)
    26. Spancilhill (Remastered 2020)
    27. The Foxy Devil (Remastered 2020)
    28. Clyde’s Bonnie Banks (Live In Dublin _ Remastered 2020)
    29. January Man
    30. The Sun Is Burning (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
    31. House Down In Carne (The Ballad Of Nuke Power) (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
    32. The Workers Are Being Used Again (Live On ‘The Late Late Show’, 1979, RTÉ)
    33. The Dark Eyed Sailor (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
    34. Boys Of Mullabawn
    35. Bogey’s Bonnie Belle (BBC Live Session From ‘As I Roved Out’ _ 1979)
    36. Galtee Mountain Boy (Live On ‘Aisling Gheal’, 1979, RTÉ)
    37. Dalesman’s Litany
    38. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) (BBC Live Session From ‘As I Roved Out’ _ 1979)
    39. Avondale (Live On ‘Ballad Sheet’, 1969, RTÉ)
    40. Cricklewood (BBC Live Session From ‘As I Roved Out’ _ 1979)
    41. The Ballad Of James Larkin (Live On ‘Ballad Sheet’, 1969, RTÉ)
    42. Paddy On The Road

  3. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 283
    Weiterer Tipp zur Folk-Szene Ende der 60er Jahre

    Sweeney's Men aus Dublin

    Zitat von Wikipedia
    Sweeney’s Men war eine irische Folkband, die von 1966 bis 1969 existierte. Sie war die erste irische Band, die – neben zahlreichen anderen Zupfinstrumenten – die Irish bouzouki einsetzte. Gelegentlich wird sie als die Band angesehen, die das Irish-Folk-Revival ausgelöst hat.
    Mitglieder: Johnny Moynihan, Terry Woods, Andy Irvine, 'Galway Joe' Dolan
    Bio & Discography hier

    Sweeney's Men - Willy O'Winsbury

    Sweeney's Men - Old Woman In Cotton


  4. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 284
    Finn MacCool
    Nicht ganz neu und außerdem aus Missouri, aber die Musik ist gut:

  5. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 285
    Wenn wir schon nach den U.S.A. schauen
    (Wer macht das heutzutage nicht)

    'Wake the Dead' aus Northern California

    Zitat von ihrer Homepage:
    Welcome to the WAKE THE DEAD website — home of the World’s Only Celtic All-Star Grateful Dead Jam Band. Since 2000, this hot Northern California septet has been blending Celtic traditional music and the songs of the Grateful Dead—at first impressing the Dead themselves enough for them to release the début CD on Grateful Dead/Arista Records. Now, ever more inventive and ever more energetic, WAKE THE DEAD spreads their reach to embrace the entire Summer of Love, keeping it alive for Deadheads and Celtoids alike as only they can.
    - Link zu Wake The Dead [2000] (ganze CD)

    - Link zu Deal [2016] (ganze CD)

    Wake the Dead perform a medley starting with St. Stephen


  6. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 286
    Nenad Ptic

  7. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 287
    Zurück in die Vergangenheit - noch ein Tipp

    Anfangs Oktober 1992 hatte ich das Vergnügen die
    Davy Spillane Band
    in der Purty Loft in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin live zu erleben

    Davy Spillane Band 1989

    Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane ~ 'Dance of Suleiman'

    Kommentar vom Uploader AndyzFanz
    I uploaded this track to contribute to the YouTube series of covers of the great Macedonian dance tune: 'Sulejmanovo Oro'. This version was recorded by Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane on the album 'East Wind', where it was called 'Dance of Suleiman'.
    This piece is in the 'kopanitsa' rhythm of 11/8 time (2-2-3-2-2), with the accent on the first note in the triplet.
    Und weiter ein Link zu einem YouTube Kanal
    Davy Spillane - Alle Titel

    Davy Spillane - Diskografie (sehr empfehlenswert!):

    1986: Atlantic Bridge (Tara Music)
    1990: Shadow Hunter (Tara Music)
    1991: Pipedreams (Tara Music)
    1992: East Wind (Tara Music)
    1996: A Place Among the Stones
    1998: The Sea of Dreams (Covert)
    2004: Deep Blue Sea (Sony Music)
    2016: Between longing and belonging

    Davy Spillane Band

    1988: Out of the Air


  8. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 288
    Neues aus der NY-Musikszene ...

    Wie sagte der gute, alte Bukowski: die Frauenbewegung wurde nur deshalb erfunden, um hässliche Frauen in die Gesellschaft zu integrieren. Egal, ich find's gut, wenn Frauen sich bewegen ...


  9. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 289
    Neue CD von Sharon Shannon

    The Reckoning
    Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	The Reckoning.jpg 
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ID:	41751

    Sharon Shannon featuring Jon Allen, The Reckoning single


  10. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 290
    und da wären dann noch die Band

    Waxies Dargle

    Artist Biography by Evan Cater - gefunden bei allmusic.com
    Waxies Dargle are one of the many traditional Celtic folk bands to come up through London's Irish pub circuit. The band, founded by Dubliner Gerry Heaney, derived its name from a popular Irish drinking song about a fair called "the Waxies Dargle" which was held by tailors from the coastal town of Bray early in the 20th century. Soon after the band's emergence on the London scene, they attracted a strong following with their lively blend of familiar Irish standards, original compositions, contemporary folk covers, and traditional North American folk tunes. The troupe, which describes itself as "two parts Dubliner and one part old Dublin City Ramblers," landed a deal with Brambus Records in 1993 and released their first album, World Tour of Ireland. With the support of the Switzerland based indie label, Waxies Dargle continued to cultivate a broader audience by touring throughout Europe. Their second Brambus record, Paddy Ryan's Dream, hit the market in 1995. Throughout their history the lineup behind Heaney has been a revolving door. On the 1997 release After the Gael the band was a four player ensemble consisting of Heaney (vocals, guitar and bodhran), Mike Franks (fiddle, banjo, harmonica, and vocals), Susannah Healy (backing vocals, fiddle) and Roland Humphries (bass, backing vocals). By 1999 the door had revolved again, with singer/fiddler Bernie O'Sullivan returning to the band as a replacement for Franks and Healy. Heaney has moved to London, where the band continues to draw pub audiences when they are not touring on the continent.
    Link zu YouTube - Waxies Dargle-Thema
    mit 5 kpl. CDs z.B. die CD World Tour Of Ireland

    City Of Dreams


  11. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 291
    und noch ein Tipp

    Alan Doherty Voc, Flute, Tin Whistle

    Gründungsmitglied und bis 2009 bei der Band Gráda
    Seither Studiomusiker, Produzent und mit der Band ALDOC zu hören (und zu sehen), Musiklehrer Lord of the Flutes - Alan Doherty lehrt die traditionelle Musik Irlands

    Link zu YouTube From Tallaght to Halle (ganze CD)

    Name:  ALDOC.jpg
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Größe:  22,1 KB

    ALDOC - Distance von 2020

    ALDOC - I'm Feeling So Much Better von 2015


  12. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 292
    Nicht irisch und auch nicht mehr neu

    Capercaillie from Scotland

    von wikiwand.com
    Capercaillie is a Scottish folk band that was founded in 1984 by Donald Shaw and led by Karen Matheson. Capercaillie performs traditional Gaelic and contemporary English songs. The group adapts traditional Gaelic music and traditional lyrics with modern production techniques and instruments such as electric guitar and bass guitar, though rarely synthesizers or drum machines.
    Originating from Argyll, a region of western Scotland, the band is named after the Western capercaillie, sometimes called a wood grouse, a native Scottish bird. Their first album, Cascade, was recorded in 1984.
    Link zu YouTube - Capercaillie-Thema

    Capercaillie - Finlay's (Live 1998)

    Es gibt auch einen waschechten Iren in der Band:
    Manus Lunny
    Manus Lunny (born 1962) is an Irish producer and multi-instrumentalist from County Donegal, Ireland, best known as a member of Celtic supergroup Capercaillie. He is the brother of multi-instrumentalist and producer Dónal Lunny.
    Geändert von Gaillimh (13.12.2020 um 18:49 Uhr)

  13. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 293
    Neues Video von KíLA - 'The Butterfly'

    Watching the news tonight? It's another scary and uncertain day of news...

    This video is an attempt to offer a positive and joyful collection of images as a way of looking forward to the time we can congregate together and be communal again. The video contains footage of our audience. and also of ourselves backstage at festivals in the UK, Russia, USA, and Europe, and celebrates dance and music and the coming together of people...

    ... and we will come together again in time but for now we are coming together by staying apart.

    This vdeo is called The Butterfly. The music was recorded earlier this month in Paris at the Centre Culturel Irlandais

    Filmed and edited by Dave Hingerty; Sound recorded and mixed by Brian Hogan.
    Copyright: Kíla Records


  14. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 294
    Erschienen am 31.01.2020

    Blackbird & Crow: Ailm

    Name:  Ailm.jpg
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Größe:  35,7 KB

    Review auf Musikreviews.de (13/ 15 Punkte!)

    Ganze CD auf YouTube - Blackbird & Crow - Ailm

    zum Reinhören Track No. 3 - Princess of the Ditch


  15. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 295
    Nochmals Blackbird & Crow

    Hier der Link zu ihrer ersten CD: Shock Shatter Convince (2017)

    und ein Video von 2019
    Blackbird & Crow - Harlot On Holy Hill / The Witch That Could Not Be Burned (Official Video)


  16. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 296
    Brandneu von Foy Vance

    Name:  Foy Vance - Hope.jpg
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Größe:  47,4 KB

    Live from Hope in The Highlands (Full Album Stream) [Link hier]

    Auch Foy Vance hat einen YouTube-Kanal mit vielen Singles und Alben [Link hier]

    zum Beispiel das Album ['Hope' von 2007]

    und noch ein Video Live from Bushmills Distillery
    Foy Vance - "Closed Hand, Full of Friends" (Live from Bushmills Distillery)


  17. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 297
    Von 1973 - 1980 gab es die Dubliner Folk-Rock/ Celtic-Rock Band


    [LINK] zu irishrock.org Irish Rock Discography: Spud

    Auszug von der Seite irishrockers.com:
    1970s folk rock group who heavily influenced by the likes of Sweeney's Men, Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span
    About Spud
    Spud released 2 albums on the Philips record label - their 1974 debut 'A Silk Purse' and 'The Happy Handful' (1975). With these two albums already under their belt, the band brought in Paul McGuinness (an old Trinity friend of Don Knox) to manage the band. Paul McGuinness (who later went on to wealth and fame as U2's manager) did his first record deal with Sonet which resulted in the release of Spud's third album, 'Smoking on The Bog', in 1978. The band toured for over 8 years and all the ex-members still play.
    [Link] zu A Silk Purse [1974]

    Name:  A Silk Purse 1974.jpg
Hits: 33
Größe:  49,5 KB

    [Link] zu The Happy Handful [1975]

    Name:  The Happy Handful 1975.jpg
Hits: 34
Größe:  36,7 KB

    [Link] zu Smoking on the Bog [1978]

    Name:  Smoking On The Bog 1978.jpg
Hits: 33
Größe:  40,8 KB


  18. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 298
    SOLAS mit Séamus Egan

    Name:  SOLAS Band.jpg
Hits: 19
Größe:  147,4 KB

    von Wikipedia:
    Solas (Irish: sun) was an American musical group officially formed in 1996, playing Irish traditional music as well as original compositions influenced by the country, rock, and americana genres. With several members who are prominent performers, both solo and in other constellations in the irish traditional music scene, Solas has been described as a "Supergroup".
    Séamus Egan was born in Hatboro, Pennsylvania to Irish immigrants Mike and Ann Egan. At the age of three his parents moved the family back home to County Mayo, Ireland.
    He learned accordion from Martin Donaghue. He saw Matt Molloy and James Galway on television and suddenly decided to take up the Irish flute. Seamus had won the all-Ireland championship on four different instruments by the time he was 14.
    [Link] zu YouTube - SOLAS-Thema

    [Link] zu YouTube - Séamus Egan-Thema

    Hier zwei Links zu CDs aus den Themen-Seiten die ich uneingeschränkt empfehlen kann

    SOLAS - SOLAS (Debut von 1996)
    Name:  SOLAS.jpg
Hits: 20
Größe:  42,4 KB

    Séamus Egan - When Juniper Sleeps (ebenfalls von 1996)
    Name:  Seamus Egan.jpg
Hits: 19
Größe:  36,9 KB


  19. Neues in der irischen Musikszene? # 299
    Für Fans und Leute mit grossem Geldbeutel

    The Divine Comedy - Venus, Cupid, Folly And Time

    > The Divine Comedy auf Wikipedia (deutsch)

    Diesen Herbst erschienen: Eine 24 CD-Box (!) zum 30jährigen Jubiläum.
    Kommentar von exystence.net:
    Nothing if not comprehensive, this celebration of Neil Hannon’s 30 year career as The Divine Comedy spans 24 discs and over 22 hours, and almost half of its 375 tracks have never previously been released. Included are the 11 canonical albums from Liberation (1993) through to Office Politics (2019), nine of which have been remastered for this collection, plus a full complement of B sides, demos, live versions, alternate takes and so on – and the Father Ted stuff.
    Epic boxsets like this luxuriously slipcased piece of work sometimes feel unnecessary or over-indulgent, but it’s hard to argue against the value of taking the time to reflect on Hannon’s oeuvre: he’s a supremely talented songwriter who has reached a point in his career where there’s an awful lot to take in. Moreover, we haven’t had an opportunity to look back on the work of The Divine Comedy since the greatest hits collection A Secret History (1999). Admittedly Hannon has had fewer certifiable hits since then, so another greatest hits album wouldn’t really be apposite – but the quality of his twenty-first century work is arguably higher. Absent Friends (2004) is particularly well worth revisiting, unlike anything else released that year, it still shines. And the Nigel Godrich-produced Regeneration (2001), not quite like anything else released by The Divine Comedy, has aged beautifully.....
    Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	The-Divine-Comedy-300x300.jpg 
Hits:	5 
Größe:	38,5 KB 
ID:	41783
    Klicken Sie auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	CD Box.jpg 
Hits:	5 
Größe:	56,8 KB 
ID:	41784

    > The Divine Comedy Official Site
    > The Divine Comedy Official auf YouTube mit Videos, Alben und Singles
    > Welcome To The Divine Comedy auf Youtube mit 24 Songs


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